Chris Hornbecker Photographer | Director

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Chris Hornbecker

Chris Hornbecker

Photographer | Director

Chris’ photography has evolved through a series of challenging practices, one driving the other. From skateboarding, snowboarding and dj’ing, where he learned about timing, flexibility, and trusting his instincts, to sewing where he used his design and visual skills. They all have influenced one another and, ultimately, affected the way he shoots.

Chris is driven by the challenge of capturing his imagination in the frame, pulling out the honesty in every subject, and bringing what he sees in his head into a moment in real time.

Clients include Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Sony, Amazon, American Express, Keen, Kia, Laika Studios, Pendleton, Xbox, Teva, Li Ning, Wieden + Kennedy, Boston Marathon, Heineken, EA Sports, Oregon Lottery, Yahoo, Converse, Comcast, Vonage, Miller High Life, Levi’s, Subaru, Deschutes Brewing Co., Spike TV, Champs, Hurley, IFC, Icebreaker, Brooks, Portland Timbers, Energy Star, Friedrich, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, AdWeek, The Fader, Italian GQ, ESPN Magazine, and Paste.