Margaret Macmillan Jones Stylist

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Margaret Macmillan Jones

Margaret Macmillan Jones


Margaret is a prop stylist and set designer based in New York City.  Raised in the Pacific Northwest, her top site for inspiration has always been the original moodboard herself, Mother Nature. With a background in movement studies and sculpture, finding visual articulation and harmony of the sensory, tactile and lyrical has long been her area of inquiry.  Given Margaret’s long habit of rearranging the living spaces of loved ones with very little prompting and rarely resisting the urge to improve hotel room decor during an overnight stay, the chance to come up with pleasing arrangements for others delights her to no end.

Clients include: Aesop, Allure, Bloomberg Businessweek, Coach, Everlane, InStyle, Interview, Kate Spade, MCM, New York Times Magazine, Nordstrom, Playboy, T Magazine, Teen Vogue, Theory, Travel + Leisure, TSE, Vogue, WSJ Magazine, and The Wing.