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Grant Cornett and his personal project ‘Ma Neese’ was featured in this months British Journal Magazine. The story documents Grant’s grandmother’s home in Colombus Missisippi, that Grant’s Gradfather built decades ago.“It’s the only house still standing in my 36 years of living. I’ve done everything to crawling in diapers to sneaking cigarettes under that roof, and that’s where my interest lies, not so much the aesthetic, allthough it is an interesting looking house.”

“Photography became a place for me to escape and think about this life that was changing so quickly and greatly,” he says. “It became my companion, my journal, a tool that keeps on teaching and that needs to be learnt. This has never stopped. But there’s no sense in restricting oneself to one form or the other. People, objects, places, each are constructed of the same matter, each make up and are made up of form. Various lighting techniques, the use of colour or black-and-white –each brings out a different mood, viewpoint, reference.”