Josefina Santos Photographer | Director

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Josefina Santos

Josefina Santos

Photographer | Director

Josefina Santos is a Colombian photographer and art director who lives and works in Brooklyn. Blending portraits, fashion photographs, and documentary work, she penetrates the social narrative and challenges the typical standard of beauty and power. She likes to create an intimate narrative with her subjects that celebrate their personal identities. Through an empowering gaze, Josefina’s work speaks to representation, inclusivity, and social consciousness

Josefina has an unwavering lifelong curiosity to understand people and cultures that differed from her own and first began using photography as an intermediary tool to bridge this divide. She is fascinated by the nuances that occur at the periphery of action and uses vibrantly colored photographs, inspired by her native Colombia, to capture the strangeness of everyday life and make the mundane beautiful.

The major themes in her personal work include place, identity, cultural memory, and immigration. This work typically explores family structures and dynamics, particularly the experiences of first and second-generation Latin Americans.

Besides working on a range of commercial, fashion, and editorial projects, Josefina is currently developing Belleza Latinx, a new personal project exploring and challenging the outdated beauty traditions and ideals within Latin American cultures, and how young Latinx in America are disrupting those standards and defining themselves as powerful, strong and unique individuals, regardless of stereotypes.

Her selected clients and publications include The New York Times, The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, Vogue Mexico & Latin America, The Cut, i-D Magazine, Puss Puss Magazine, Refinery29, Nike, & Women’s Health among others.