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For New Era’s 360 campaign, art directer Taylor Vignali shifted the direction of the campaign to reflect the moto “Fly Your Own Flag.” With a new outlook, they brought in Timothy to photograph a series of portraits that capture the energy of real people– artists, musicians, skaters, and so on. These are the first images of the ongoing campaign that will be rolling out across the country over the next few months.

2534New_Era_IP_Day_2_Skater_6624 copy

2435New_Era_IP_Day_2_Artist_7123 copy

24X36002New_Era_IP_3_BMX_9184 copycrp

2534011New_Era_IP_4_Party_Girl_10826 copy

2534New_Era_IP_3_DJ_8422 copy

2436001New_Era_IP_3_BMX_8790 copy